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Apr 262012

I guess that each and every cat owner in the world eventually discovers two things.

First, a cat will try to get into ANY box.
Second, if there’s paper, the cat has to trample on it.

My son’s and my two cats aren’t different.

A few days ago, and I seriously don’t know how, a box (in which some of the pearls for my Apailana headdress were delivered) ended up on the floor. Said box had a size of approximately 4x4x4 inch.

My son’s cat is is a REALLY large, grey tabby cat with a white belly, socks, and the bottom side of his face is white too. Basically he looks like a tabby cat that’s fallen into milk or white paint. We affectionately call him ‘the pizza’, because frankly, when he lies down, he looks like one. If lying, he doesn’t fit on one of the seats of the dining room chairs – one or more parts of him (head, paws, legs, tail…) ALWAYS has to hang down because that massive body takes up so much space.

Now that we talked about the size of the box and the size of the cat, the inevitable comes.

Said cat discovers the box, and tries to get into it.
Which taught me that people who think that cats are way more clever than humans are just stupid or maybe plain nuts.

Because even the dumbest human would be able to see that a cat which doesn’t even manage to lie down on the seat of a dining room chair because of its mass would never, ever even just remotely fit into a box that small.

But, as I said, this particular cat fails to understand such simple physical restrictions.

I watched him try to get into that box for over an hour.

First he tried head first; which basically ended up in him almost getting stuck in that box with the head – that’s how large the cat and how small the box is.
Since that didn’t work, he tried paws first, then head. Which REALLY got him stuck and ended up with a box with a large cat body and hind legs jumping through the living room. Took him a jump against the garden door to get rid of the box…

…but he still didn’t have enough.

Eventually he tried getting into the box with his backside first.
As you can imagine… he got stuck again, this time running just on his front legs, eyes full of panic, and the back stuck in the box.

He didn’t try either of these combinations just once. In fact, he tried all of them several times. So much for ‘clever cats’!

If you however think that this cat wouldn’t be persistent even after so many fails, you’re wrong.

After the last try of getting into the box with the backside first, the box eventually ended up lying in the middle of the living room with the opening facing towards the ceiling of the room.

The cat retracted to the door… crouched down… started to run…

… and a moment later the box was crunched down on the floor, with a very happy cat lying on top of it. I think his face had some kind of ‘see, I made it after all, I’m in the box. Almost!’ expression.

Cats, I guess, have their ways of somewhat bending physical laws.

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