May 302012

Today I learned a few new things about myself; and by someone even who apparently (or rather, obviously!) doesn’t even know me.

First, supposedly I and Traci Arnold of hate each other.
Now, I didn’t have much contact with Traci lately, but when I last spoke (or rather, wrote – emails!) to her, it didn’t seem like she hates me, and I don’t hate her either.
Why else would I have given her my Flying Dress embroidery files so she can use them?
Why else would she have helped me to get the beaded fringe for the ‘Jump’ dress back in 1999, and the striped linen for the Boarding dress?
And why would we have helped each other in times when not much source material concerning the dresses from Titanic was available yet?
Yes, all that definitely because we hate each other. (Find the sarcasm! *lol*)

Secondly, I was (ever!) a member of (any kind of!) “Kate Winslet Forum”. Uhm, no, I never was.

Thirdly, the person claims that I claimed that Traci Arnold tried to kill me, because Traci, according to that person, was “jealous” of me.
Uhm, wtf? I think I never lol’d so hard in my life; and actually it would be funny if it weren’t so sad to even just make something like this up.
Note that WHILE *eight years ago*, someone *had* tampered with the brakes of my car, I never blamed Traci for that, nor any other specific person. Why should I blame Traci? I live in Germany, she lives in the US. God, she must have exceptionally long arms to be able to tamper with the brakes of my car from there.

Fourthly, supposedly I have citizenship in Germany AND England.
As nice as that would be, it’s untrue. I was born in Germany, I always lived in Germany (granted, occasionally I make trips to GB and other countries, but still!).
How, and why, would I have gotten a dual citizenship?
Again, I LOLed. Just because I have learned to write and speak considerably fluent English doesn’t mean I’m a British or US citizen. You don’t gain citizenship just because you know the language (then again it would be just AWESOME to be a citizen of LOLCATLAND!!!)

Fifthly, I scam people all the time. Sure. I have nothing else to do. Like raising a kid for example, or taking care of my mother.
While it IS true that many years ago I had a nervous breakdown combined with burnout syndrome and therefore couldn’t complete orders in time (again, that’s almost a DECADE ago!), ‘scamming’ is far beyond me.

Sixthly, I consider myself an ‘Authority for Phantom dresses’.
Uhm, no. I just invested a few hours in studying one of them, taking hundreds of pictures in the process, and wrote the result of my studies down.
If there’s anyone who *I* would consider to be an ‘Authority’ for those dresses, it would be AnĂ©a or Kaedra. But not me, definitely not.

Seventhly, apparently I am a member of several forums related to a certain stage production, and have been trolling those for years, in the process viciously attacking other members.
Uhm, no.
As far as I remember, I ever was a member of just two of those forums, both were in my native language (see ‘Fourthly’), one of them is now defunct. I could be wrong though, maybe it was one more forum. Not sure.
At any rate, I never ‘trolled’ those forums, let alone attacked other members. Why would I do that? How would I attack them?

Eightly, I apparently claim copyright on a certain fabric design from said stage production.
That, too, is of course not true. I just claim (and have the!) copyright on actually TWO photos of said fabric (both taken by me!), which I then edited into ONE mostly seamlessly tiling image.
And actually, by doing the work of tiling up the two photos into one image, I *do* have the copyright on that particular image which *I* edited. I do not have copyright on the fabric’s design, but I do have the copyright on my edited image. Any lawyer will tell you so.
This, by the way, is also exactly what I wrote in a certain DMCA takedown notice. Nothing else. And the way it is with DMCA takedown notices, the company that receives it follows it. That’s the law.
Also, could someone else please explain the difference between a fabric design and a costume design to the person who made those claims? Just because you design a costume doesn’t mean you design the fabric for it. Usually you’ll contract someone else to do that.
And the company that the *costume* is designed for even has much less to do with the fabric. Only the company who makes the fabric has the copyright on the fabric.

Last not least, according to that person, I claimed copyright on someone else’s behalf for a different design.
Uhm, NO. I can’t even do that legally (at least not in my country; but I don’t think it’s possible without a valid waiver by the person I would be claiming the behalf on even in a different country!). Only a lawyer can do that.
If someone claimed copyright on something, they have done it on *their* behalf, and they probably had reasons to do so.
Then again, IF a DMCA is filed, as already said, the company HAS to follow. It’s the law in the US. If no DMCA has been filed, there’s nothing to follow up to.

See – THAT much does the person who made these claims know. In other words, nothing – neither about copyright laws nor about me. *snort*

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