Too much to handle

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May 132012

My dad approached me yesterday when I was visiting my parents.

“I’ve picked up your dresses from the dry cleaner.” (He was referring to my Queen Jamillia costume)
Me: “Dad, it’s just one costume, not several.”
He (insisting): “No, those were at least three dresses. I got five hangers.”
Me: “Dad, I can assure you that you only picked up one costume; the ‘Queen Jamillia’. All black and white. I only had that one at the dry cleaner. The single parts are supposed to be worn over each other.”
He: “Yes, black and white, but several. That load would be way too heavy to be worn at once.”
Me: “See, that’s why I usually say that those costumes are heavy…”
He: *blank stare*

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