Doll Clothing

From time to time, I make doll clothing. This just when I a) like the costume and b) like the doll… anyway, here are some of my doll costumes: Satine from ‘Moulin Rouge’ – Black Diamonds Satine from ‘Moulin Rouge’- Red Temptress Mina from “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” Queen Isabel from “1492” Commissions…? Arwen from “Lord of […]

My Costumes

In this part of my site I will show you some of my costumes including the making process. I have now updated the page insofar as that I have split the costumes in three categories: Elizabethan, Victorian and various costumes. I’ve done this to give you as well as me a better overview over the […]

Cersei’s Coronation Gown

Cersei’s coronation gown – finished – The fabrics Tywin Lannister’s jacket uses exactly the same lasered dot/teardrop leather as Cersei’s coronation gown. …like father, like daughter. Now – it would be simple but tedious to either cut or punch those dots and holes into artificial or real leather. However, I found a similar PU leather […]

Outlander – Claire’s red gown

This gown, after Jupiter’s Wedding gown, was yet another gown which I instantly knew I had to reproduce the moment I saw it. The style is a modernized version of a Rococo court gown – worn with a court pannier; but the length is too short for a court gown and, of course, that neckline […]

Star Wars Identities – Infrared & Color photos

Infrared and color photos of the costumes shown at the “Star Wars Identities” exhibit, Cologne, Germany Let me start by explaining what an “infrared photo” is, because many explanations – even those spread by the media – are wrong. An infrared photo – which, namely, is a photo which is taken using a camera which […]

Night Sister – Sai Sircu

Sai Sircu, Night Sister Friends of mine asked me to create a Night Sister costume, specifically that of Sai Sircu. They already had that costume, but it was made from way-too-shiny polyester satin, unstabilized so all parts were sort of floppy, and were therefore not happy with it; but they still loved the character, so […]

Star Wars – Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious’ Robes The tunic Darth Sidious / Emperor Palpatine, the way he appears in the prequel trilogy (left) as well as in the original trilogy (right) As you can probably see in the image above, the appearance from the prequel trilogy changes a tiny little bit from the prequel trilogy (Episode […]

Jupiter Jones – Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending: Jupiter Jones – Wedding gown (Wedding scene with Titus Abrasax – did anybody else find the concept of wanting to marry your reincarnated mother weird…?) Note: This gown is mostly finished, but I still need to add some more documentation (i. e. how I made the armbands). Also, if you learned something from […]

Star Wars – Padmé’s Wedding Gown

Star Wars Episode 2 – Padmé’s Wedding Gown Padmé’s wedding gown from Star Wars Episode 1 is a carefully arranged insanity of antique lace, cording embroidery, pearls, tulle and taffeta. My motivation to make it is not that I am planning to get married. In fact, that will never happen. The only person I would […]

Doctor Who – Queen Elizabeth I.

The Queen Elizabeth I. costume worn by Joanna Page in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary “Day of the Doctor” instantly caught my attention. I was, like, OMG, FINALLY an Elizabethan costume that I can actually WEAR! Because, you know… there are no “RenFaires” in Germany; and when I create an Elizabethan costume – an era […]